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Emacs 29.2 Windows Binaries

Emacs 29.2 Windows Binaries

Emacs 29.2 binaries for Windows (x64) are available from the GNU FTP Mirror system:


Here is my "recipie", unchanged since before the release of 29.1, which this new release further stabilizes.

Why use a GUI, when the rest of the work will be in MSYS.org's lovely MINGW64 CLI?

  wget  https://ftpmirror.gnu.org/gnu/emacs/emacs-29.2.tar.xz
  tar -xf emacs-29.2.tar.xz
  cd emacs-29.2

We don't execute autogen.sh, as we are building from a release tarball.

    ./configure --with-modules \
                --without-dbus \
		--with-native-compilation=aot \
		--without-compress-install \
		--with-tree-sitter \
		--with-sqlite3 \

I really don't need NATIVE_FULL_AOT=1 here but it shouldn't case any problems so I pretty much include it by wrote given I want it when I'm executing make. Both the executable self-installer and zip archives take from an "installed" Emacs, meaning the product of the install target in the Makefile created by the configure script, above. I leak just a little detail of my local setup here, in case that may be of interest.

  make install V=1 -j 20 NATIVE_FULL_AOT=1 prefix=/g/rel/emacs-29.2

The installer was created as such:

 cp /h/release/emacs-29.2/admin/nt/dist-build/emacs.nsi .
 makensis -v4 -DEMACS_VERSION=29.2 -DVERSION_BRANCH=29.2 -DOUT_VERSION=29.2 emacs.nsi