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Overdozing Rx

Do you ever write regular expressions with 71 capture groups, then toss them out? A conversation earlier this evening on IRC reminded me of a thing in want of "talking" about. If you know a bit about dungeon-mode, or aren't that interested in it, you might want to skip ahead or just grab the tests. So, there's this game.. Dungeon is a role-playing game I learned as a kid. --more--

The Automation Begins

The Automation Begins Having decided I should make a blog to chronicle my adventures in Emacs, I started looking into hugo a minimal blogging framework written in GO. It turns out that hugo has excellent org integration, incorporating go-org, which is the same library used by Github. Approach and Setup As pre-work, I created the (sub) domain where this blog is hosted with my web hosting provider's CPANEL tools Then I created a new shell user with access only to the new site and enabled ssh access for the new user. --more--

Experimenting With Emacs

Experimenting with Emacs A Brief Introduction I'm Corwin, he/him, 5 kids, it's complicated. I'm a 20 year information technology professional, which has me currently supporting financial services digital and interactive marketing in terms of information security/compliance and data services intersections. By day I spend a fair amount of time in Microsoft Visio but I also use Emacs. At home I use Emacs a lot. Our firm allows us to bring our own text editor, and I was able to request get Emacs 26 packaged for simple install by myself and colleagues, thanks for 26. --more--
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