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FOSS Resume Sample

Describing FOSS engineering practices in the form of a resume sample.


Valentines Dee and I met for the first time in 1991. Susan is Dee's older sister by a little more than I am older than my sisters: i.e., let's say 5-10yrs. She managed the pavilion stage, easily heard blaring rumples and rumbling kettle drums from my station at


%TITLE blah blah foo bar baz qwx Example: #+BEGIN_SRC perl say "Hello, org-babel!" #+END_SRC (message "xyzzy") say "Hello, org-babel!" which env /usr/bin/env pscp -r d:/projects/bla/corwin.bru.st/public/* dh_aw28jd@corwin.bru.st:/home/dh_aw28jd/corwin-emacs #+RESULTS:


%TITLE Considering that information technology seems likely to remain a part of our culture for the foreseeable future, I think we must be in it's infancy. Perhaps that attitude helps explain my reflexive eye-roll when coming across "modern" used to describe or contrast technology (especially software). Consider "User Experience", for example. How much of the "digital user interfaces" that you regularly interact with do you hope/expect to have staying power over generations of users? --more--


COMPLEXITY FIRST DEVELOPMENT Let's face it, complexity is fun. It's also where lie the demons that demand the extra eighty percent of our time for the "final" twenty percent of our requisite functionality. Requirements are Quicksilver Speaking only for myself, my passion projects and so on, (and in no way for any business stallholders, technology partners, or vendors with whom I may have had the honor to work over my varied professional life), the goals of a technology project on which we seriously focus attention will tend to "wiggle", vacillating about the available surface of user experience and maintainer ingenuity to the extent we don't go to lengths to, as it were, limit debate. --more--

Simple Emacs 29 Windows Build Script

Simple Emacs 29 Windows Build Script ABSTRACT TL;DR This "literate" post generates a shell script to make a new Emacs 29 and get it ready to publish. The program the post generates, although simple, is actually kinda sweet. It doesn't rebuild Emacs unless there have been changes upstream since the last successful build. It doesn't require any special caches or data-files. It also has some limited resume capabilities, in that it can skip completed steps along the way, to continue on a later failing bit without repeating earlier things that worked fine. --more--


I stumbled upon ComicChat recently and have been having a great deal of fun learning node.js while messing around with it. So far I've added: UI/UX inline linkification mIRC color, bold, italics, and underline formatting force wrapping for longer phrases ability to break panels based on total character count (patched upstream) rotating backgrounds (patched upstream) IRC relay (relay. --more--

Overdozing Rx

Do you ever write regular expressions with 71 capture groups, then toss them out? A conversation earlier this evening on IRC reminded me of a thing in want of "talking" about. If you know a bit about dungeon-mode, or aren't that interested in it, you might want to skip ahead or just grab the tests. So, there's this game.. Dungeon is a role-playing game I learned as a kid. --more--

The Automation Begins

The Automation Begins Having decided I should make a blog to chronicle my adventures in Emacs, I started looking into hugo a minimal blogging framework written in GO. It turns out that hugo has excellent org integration, incorporating go-org, which is the same library used by Github. Last edit: 2024-01-20T16:42:59-09:00 Recent edits: add Condensed section with one-liner versions Condensed As of Jan, 2024, I'm most often executing this "one-liner" version: --more--

Experimenting With Emacs

Experimenting with Emacs A Brief Introduction I'm Corwin, he/him, 5 kids, it's complicated. I'm a 20 year information technology professional, which has me currently supporting financial services digital and interactive marketing in terms of information security/compliance and data services intersections. By day I spend a fair amount of time in Microsoft Visio but I also use Emacs. At home I use Emacs a lot. Our firm allows us to bring our own text editor, and I was able to request get Emacs 26 packaged for simple install by myself and colleagues, thanks for 26. --more--
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