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The Turtle and the Snail

People are always talking about how fast they work, either because Emacs or because Not Emacs. That reminds me of this joke…

For me, the idea "Brand X helps me get things done faster" hits a little funny. I attempt all sorts of crazy things in my own technology (particularly coding) projects. Moreover, as a general rule, I don't strive to "get stuff done fast" so much as struggle to get things done, at all. As it relates to Emacs, a user on #emacs put it pretty well:

<olivermead> "emacs is slow but it lets me do things fast"

All of this makes me think of a joke:

Q: What did the snail say when it was on the turtle's back?

A: Wheee!

In case it isn't obvious, Emacs is my turtle in this allegory. I hear tell that Emacs can be very slow. That it consumes too much of my time, to understand and configure, and to enhance it.

And, I'm all like "can't hear you, wind in muh hair m8" 🐢🐌