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Experimenting With Emacs

Experimenting with Emacs

A Brief Introduction

I'm Corwin, he/him, 5 kids, it's complicated. I'm a 20 year information technology professional, which has me currently supporting financial services digital and interactive marketing in terms of information security/compliance and data services intersections. By day I spend a fair amount of time in Microsoft Visio but I also use Emacs. At home I use Emacs a lot.

Our firm allows us to bring our own text editor, and I was able to request get Emacs 26 packaged for simple install by myself and colleagues, thanks for 26.3 to Artem Boldariev's MSI Installer and for 27.0.50 to an interested teammate working the packaging requests who spent some time getting each GUI mode DLL past one and another desktop safeguards, employed to protect Employee used Windows laptops, like mine. (In fact, I've had some related problems with my laptop this past year, but that will have to be a separate post.)

My prior direct supervisor left the firm during 2020, so I've been learning to work with a new "boss". In fact, the degree of individual time and attention that leaders can spare individual contributers in my role varies a great deal; since this change I carry a fair amount of responsibility to anticipate and then represent my leader's (their leader's, the firm's, etc) position, at consequence potentially of both reputation and efficiency.

ngl fam, 2020 was a whirlwind of torments on any number of fronts and, specifically, I have some distance to cover at work. Likewise, I need some better organization at a personal level, if for no better reason than to reclaim time from dungeon-mode (an RPG engine friends and I have been vaguely working on for many years, now the start of some Emacs packages and "sample" game content).

I've also taken on some additional responsibilities withing the free software multiverse, helping out with FossHost (I'm the community relations director! AMA!), EmacsConf (some transcription work overdue here), the annual Emacs User Convention organized by amin bandali, Sacha Chua, Leo Vivier and others I didn't have links for.

Long story short: I have an hill to climb and "When, How, and For How Long?" is its name. I'm not going to say that my life is a shambles, but I will say that when I shaved right before EmacsConf every single family member did a double take. And like a slightly out of focus purple unicorn, here comes org-mode to the rescue.

I plan to use this space to blog about my experience using Emacs which, taking inspiration from a random "factoid" I read on IRC, I style as: experimenting with customizations and enhancements to see if I can do and/or stand them while getting whatever done.

I'll also track my process attempting to assign copyright to GNU for any contributions I might make to Emacs. Currently, I've received direction from the assignments clerk to request a form signed by my employer, which is tricky business as I work for a large international "brand". The good news is my work toward this has been encouraging so far; I'll be able to take the next step of requesting my leader to seek input from our council, that would go with the request to my leader's boss. And, of course I'll talk about my own pet projects such as especially some works-in-progress to fix or enhance ERC, one of the IRC clients that comes with Emacs.

And I'll talk about my life and times, as one does.